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  Become a rebel with a cause. Try our Bandida. A cigar that will cause your palette to rebel. Inspired by rebellious women who fought for change all over the world, the Bandida will quickly become your favorite cigar. It will force your taste buds to rebel against other cigars.


  Like any strong woman, you will be drawn to this cigar! The Bandida is a "Bad Girl" and it is ready for adventure. It is sleek, tall (7X60 and 10X66), sexy and vibrant. Everything you need for a fun night out on the town. This is the cigar your father warned you about!


  The Bandido was constructed to mirror the struggle that women face. The wrapper is Brazilian, which features a dark and oily outer leaf giving the cigar an earthy quality with pleasant floral notes and a toasty, nuttiness that lingers throughout. Like a rebellion, the wrapper will have you on the edge of your seat anticipating the next puff.


  Like in a rebellion without a cause (the binder), there’d be no uprising (cigar). Therefore, we used a Dominican binder in the Bandida. This makes for a smoother smoke with less vein obstruction during the cigars construction. It also keeps the entire cigar burning smoothly and evenly.


  A cause is like a cigar binder and it have to blend well with the wrapper. So, we used premium Dominican tobacco grown in the Yaque Valley. We used a leaf that is thinner and smaller than Piloto, but has a marvelous aroma and excellent burning quality. Hand rolled in our factory by our Master Tabacalero, each box bears the Dominican Republic Origin warranty. This is a BadAss Stogy! Combined, it creates a great cigar that will stand the test of time and provide you with a great smoking experience.


Gigante Sold in Boxes of 10.

Grande Sold in Boxes of 20.

Cigarillos Sold in Boxes of 25.

Toro Sold in 4 Packs.



  • Strength: Medium

    Gigante, Grande and Toro

    Wrapper: Dominican Habana
    Origin: Dominican Republic
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