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When there just isn’t a lot of time to enjoy a cigar, our cigarillos are the solution. Full bodied and wholly satisfying, with a flavorful aroma. What these Cigarillos lack in size, they make up in taste. 


Bandida is a cigar that will cause your palette to rebel. Inspired by rebellious women who fought for change all over the world, the Bandida will quickly become your favorite cigar. It will force your taste buds to rebel against other cigars.


Exquisito is a one-of-a-kind aromatic cigar seasoned with rich essences of passion fruit and sweet natural citrus flavors. The Exquisito unleashes a completely unique flavor experience worthy of the Gran Sabor Cigar label.


Empresario is a Dominican flavor bomb that screams luxury from the top of its lungs. It will appear that there is almost a endless amount of smoke that pours off this premium hand-rolled cigar. The natural flavor and smoothness of the blend combines for a perfect cigar and a outstanding smoke that you or your colleagues will never forget. 


La Bomba is a cigar that is sure to win over cigar enthusiasts. The wrapper is a deep brown Dominican leaf filled with a rare but a extremely flavorful type of tobacco. La bomba is modern and bold. It is ready to satisfy just about anyone daring enough to light one up. Masterfully rolled like any other Gran Sabor Cigar, La Bomba will blow you away with your first draw.


Reina is made of the finest Dominican tobacco and chocalate abstracts. Blended to perfection by our Maestro Tobacalero, this cigar will give you a full body taste with an aroma that will even have the non cigar smokers admiring your stogy.


Sabrosa is a mellow cigar that has a tropical aroma. Handmade in the Dominican Republic using premium tobaccos, the Sabrosa has mouth-watering flavors reminiscent of mango and a smooth nutty finish. This slow-burning treat will satisfy in a most delicious fashion.



Sold in a Box of 25.


  • Strength: Medium


    Wrapper: Dominican Habana
    Origin: Dominican Republic
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