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    Introducing the Empresario. A cigar constructed for the grind of an business person. Modeled after the executive, this cigar mirrors your image and persona. Well groomed and confident. The sleek and neat Dominican cigar is boxed pressed to precision and available in Presidente (7X50), Toro (6X50) and Cigarillos.


    The Empresario is a true medium bodied cigar.  It is hand wrapped in a Cuban cabana. Our Maestro Tobacalero out did himself with this blend! This cigar will transform your mood with its relaxing and tranquil aroma. The Empresario has a smooth taste, with a savory cognac flavor and hints of wood, spice. It has a rich diversity of flavors throughout the cigar, making this cigar perfect for your boardroom. 


    Each puff will taste like your first. This Dominican filled flavor bomb screams luxury from the top of its lungs, making this savory treat a must have. It will appear that there is almost a endless amount of smoke that pours off this premium hand-rolled cigar. The natural flavor and smoothness of the blend combines for a perfect cigar and a outstanding smoke that you or your colleagues will never forget. The Empresario will fit in your hand like a glove. You and the cigar will become one!


Grande Sold in Boxes of 20.

Torpedo Sold in Boxes of 20.

Toro Sold in 4 Packs.


  • Strength: Medium

    Presidente and Toro

    Wrapper: Dominican Habana
    Origin: Dominican Republic
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