Our Exquisito is a one-of-a-kind aromatic cigar seasoned with rich essences of passion fruit and sweet natural citrus flavors. The Exquisito unleashes a completely unique flavor experience worthy of the Gran Sabor Cigar label.


  The Exquisito unleashes a completely unique flavor experience worthy of the Gran Sabor Cigar label. Crafted from premium Dominican tobacco and wrapped in a Connecticut Wrapper, the Exquisito is an expertly blended box pressed cigar with premium quality flavors. The end result is a cigar which will delight your senses and fill the room with a wonderful aroma.


  The Exquisito starts off with a mild sweetness balanced with citrus flavors. There is some spice flavors with just enough black pepper to tickle your tongue. The draw is perfect, kicking out a thick cloud of white smoke with a smooth after taste.


  Halfway through, a real nice fruity flavor begins to sneak its way into your smoking experience. It pairs nicely with the sweet and pepper flavors the cigar has already produced. The retrohale kicks out a ton of flavor that adds another dimension to the cigar. The body is medium which makes the experience more enjoyable.


  The Exquisito finishes with lots of spice and soft sweetness. It has no harshness and leaves you with an aroma that will make your companions admiring your cigar.


  The Exquisito is a perfect Medium-Strength cigar with lots of complexities for the seasoned cigar smoker while not being over the top for the novice. The Exquisito will find its way onto you regular cigar rotation for sure!


  You don’t need the strength to create a bold experience and the Exquisito proves that. Try the Exquisito in our convenient 4-pack before you buy a box!


Grande Sold in Boxes of 20.

Torpedo Sold in Boxes of 20.

Cigarillos Sold in Boxes of 25.

4 Packs Sold in Torpedo.


  • Strength: Medium

    Grande and Torpedo

    Wrapper: Dominican Habana
    Origin: Dominican Republic


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