With it’s full flavor and medium body, La Bomba is a cigar that is sure to win over cigar enthusiasts. The wrapper is a deep brown Dominican leaf filled with a rare but a extremely flavorful type of tobacco. La bomba is modern and bold. It is ready to satisfy just about anyone daring enough to light one up. Masterfully rolled like any other Gran Sabor Cigar, La Bomba will blow you away with your first draw. The burn on is even from beginning to end. A great easy draw lets through a good amount of smoke.It begins with flavors of cedar and citrus.  The flavor and burn last throughout your smoking experience.

  As the cigar burns into the second third, a pronounced mixed citrus flavor makes an appearance and joins mellow cedar, hay and agave nectar. At the transition to the final third, there is a mix of citrus, cedar, hay and sweet spices.There is a sweet hay aroma to La Bomba. Off the unlit foot of the La Bomba, there is a sweet orange and grass scent that is quite different. This stogy is definetely  a Gran Sabor Cigar!


  La Bomba makes a great cigar for intermediate to heavily experienced connoisseurs. The complexity is huge, but not so much that you need to be a lifetime aficionado to appreciate it. La Bomba is that one cigar you reach for to kick back with and relax, while forgetting all your worries and enjoying life the way it should be enjoyed. La a Bomba is a Hemingway and is sold in 7X60 (Grande) and 4X60 (El Tiro) for quick puffs. It provides a thick, cool, velvety smooth smoke. It pairs well with bourbon or red wine.


Box of 25

La Bomba

  • Strength: Medium

    7 X 60 and 4 X 60


    Dominican Habana

    Origin: Dominican Republic


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