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Do you enjoy rolling your own cigars? We have the perfect leaf for you. Our Dominican Fronto Leaf varies in color, but it is a darker madura leaf with smooth to medium strength and small veins, full of Dominican flavor! The Thicker and darker colored leaves creates a stronger and more full-bodied cigar.


Our Brazilian Habana is grown in the Dominican Republic. The fillers are aged to perfection. The seco comes from lower on the plant and is skinnier. This provides you with a smoother burning quality to your cigar. Our leaf looks, smells, and burns like traditional Dominican tobacco, but has a smoother smoke with less vein obstruction for rolling.


Affordable packaged for reusable use, La Hoja is available in six flavors: Natural, Fire, Genesis, Gold Leaf and Holy Grail. Each flavor will enhance your smoking experience by providing you with an even and slow burning cigar. Your taste buds will explode with every pull, as your palate will enjoy the rich tobacco with hints of spice and fruits.


20 Quad Size Fronto Leafs in a Box.

La Hoja

  • Strength: Madura and Medium

    1 Leafs Per Packet

    Habana: Dominican and Brazil    
    Origin: Dominican Republic
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