The Pluribus is a cigar constructed from the finest tobacco in the world into one Gran Sabor Cigar. Brazillian, Dominican, Nicaraguan and United States tobacco was grown in the Dominican Repupblic and crafted into one Great Tasting Cigar!  The sexy and robust cigar hand rolled into a boxed pressed or Presidente (7X50), Toro (6X50) or Torpedo (6X50) sized cigar.


   The Plubris is comprised of Viso Nicaraguan fillers. The Nicaraguan Viso tobacco leaf is thinner than its  ligero tobacco leaf counterpart, but thicker than the seco. The filler has an earthy, woody flavor with notes of  chocolate and pepper.The Pluribus is then wrapped in a Brazilian wrapper leaf that is spicy, zesty and maliciously flavorful. The Brazilian Wrapper has a bold and flavorful characteristic that drapes the cigar with an attractive dark and oily complexion.


   The Pluribus select is mixed with a Connecticut wrapper to further enhance the taste. The result is a smooth, rich, great tasting medium-bodied cigar. This is definitely a bold smoking cigar, but not overpowering by any means! The combination of the regions tobaccos blends so well that it will satisfy even the most seasoned cigar aficionado palate.


Sold in Boxes of 25, Gigante Box of 10 and in 4 Packs.


  • Strength: Medium

    Gigante Presidente Toro and Torpedo

    Wrapper: Brazillian Connecticut Habana
    Origin: Dominican Republic


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