The sexiest thing that a woman can ever wear is confidence! Exude your confidence with a cigar that was made for a queen. Introducing our Reina. A cigar created for the career woman who enjoys a stogy with her cognac, scotch or wine after a tough day. The Reina is a hand made box pressed Dominican cigar, wrapped in a light Cuban Habana. It is available in Presidente, Torpedo and Cigarillos, if you need a quick smoke during your break. You will enjoy a flavorful and smooth draw with every pull, while showing the men who's really in charge!


    The Reina is medium, full-bodied cigar and comes in a beautiful cedar box that was designed to keep your stogies fresh.  It is made from a blend of Dominican tobacco, herbs and spices specifically selected by our Maestro Tobacalero, to appease the palate of a queen.  


    The aroma will have the non-cigar smokers admiring your stogy. The flavorful blend will pleasantly fill the room. This cigar was made for royalty. You work harder, why not party harder? This cigar was made for royalty! Enjoy a great tasting cigar and let everyone Hail to the Queen!


Sold in Boxes of 25, and in 4 Packs.


  • Strength: Medium

    7 X 50


    Dominican Habana

    Origin: Dominican Republic


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