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  EL Puro Tres is three cigars combining the brand uniquely braided into on Great Tasting Cigar! Puro is our signature cigar blend. Handmade and sold in Grande and Toro size, El Puro was created to meet the needs of the most avid cigar aficionado. Packed in wooden cigar box, the cigar band features a black and gold shield which bears the date of our inception. The cigar stands tall in its packaging. This cigar is superiorly constructed while being full of strength and bold flavors. 


  The Puro is wrapped with a Brazilian wrapper, with a Cuban-seed Habano binder and a Dominican Habano Corojo filler. The Puro Reserva is cigar wholly constructed from a Cuban-seed grown in the Dominican Republic. This creates consistency through out the cigar and make on great tasting cigar! EL Puro Tres is three cigars combining the brand uniquely braided into on Great Tasting Cigar!


  The cigar starts with a cold draw, which has sweetness of mocha, earth and cedar.  Off the foot of the cigar is the aroma of pepper and wood notes, givingthe cigar a very traditional and enjoyable taste. Once the foot is toasted and lit, the initial draw has an abundance of earth and pepper. However, in the background there are notes of cedar and oak. As you enter the half-way point of the cigar, the flavor profiles stay consistent but with more boldness and an uptick in strength. This cigar is incredibly smooth. It lacks the harshness and spices that are normally associated with darker, fuller cigars. This stogy burns evenly and produces ample amounts of smoke


  Earth flavors return at the front of the flavor profile with some bitterness on the middle profile. Earth takes over the middle profile at medium strength. As you finish the cigar, the entire profile is dominated by earth with accents of boldness.  This cigar is meant for an intermediate to advanced smoker as the flavor profile is more complex with a heightened strength. It offers an amazing draw with well defined notes. The cigars superior quality coupled with the complexity of flavor makes for an incredibly enjoyable smoking experience. If this cigar isn’t in your humidor, you’re missing out.


Sold individually


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