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Gran Sabor Cigars is much more than a name. It is an experience! Our cigars provide a consistent and relaxing environment in which anyone can enjoy our cigars while either simply enjoying with friends or celebrating those joyous moments that life presents.

Our factory is located in the Dominican Republic and our cigars are made fresh daily with only the finest tobacco fit to bare our label. Our premium cigars incorporate the best Dominican tobacco with the finest herbs and spice abstract hand wrapped in a Cuban or Dominican Habana by our Maestro Tobacalero. Before our premium cigars leave our Dominican Republic factory, they endure a rigorous quality assurance test by our Maestro Tobacalero to assure that each cigar meets the criteria to bare the Gran Sabor Cigar label. 

Our premium cigars are made to order. Which means, when you place your order, our Maestro Tobacalero begins the process of hand rolling your cigars. This ensures that every cigar that you receive will be delivered to your home or store fresh! Each box contains the Dominican Republic’s Origin National Warranty Seal that assures you that your cigar and tobacco was grown and manufactured in the Dominican Republic. 


Whenever life presents celebratory moments, such as an addition to your family, career advancement or wedding nuptials, make the moment rememberable by making it a Gran Sabor Cigar moment. We are committed to enhancing your cigar smoking experience by providing you and your customers with a fresh, great tasting stogy that you will enjoy with every evenly smooth tasting pull. Experience the great taste of a Dominican cigar handmade in the Dominican Republic and delivered directly to your door. Experience Our Great Tasting Cigars!



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Gran Sabor Cigars does not sell cigars, or tobacco-related products to anyone under the age of 21. Our website does not sell cigarettes, e-cigs, or vape. If you are not of legal age, please do not enter our site.

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